English Department

Our Vision

Our English department envisions a dynamic and inclusive English language learning environment that nurtures our students with deep love, empowers students to become confident communicators, and prepares them to be global citizens in an interconnected world. Our vision is rooted in the belief that proficiency in English is crucial for academic, personal, and professional success. We develop potentials and promote learning of our students through the following means:

1.Excelling in Language Acquisition:

We strive to provide exceptional language acquisition opportunities for our students. Through implementing a balanced and comprehensive curriculum, we aim to develop their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our NET leads to build up an authentic English-speaking environment. Our local teachers employ innovative and research-based instructional strategies that cater to students' diverse learning needs, ensuring their progress and continuous improvement.

2.Cultivating a caring English-learning environment:

We aspire to foster genuine love for the English language among our students. By creating a positive and engaging learning environment, we encourage exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. We integrate Book Character Day, storytelling, drama, puppetry show, phonics, Cambridge courses, different cultural topics during morning assemblies and multimedia resources to make English learning enjoyable, meaningful, and relevant to students’ daily lives. We aim at boosting students’ confidence in using the English language in real-life situations.

3.Integrating technology with e-learning and VR

We embrace the use of technology as a powerful tool to enhance English language learning. Our department encourages the integration of digital resources, interactive platforms, and educational applications to support language acquisition, foster digital literacy, and provide opportunities for self-directed learning. Activities conducted by NET, such as Fun with Mr William, broaden students’ horizons and enhance their skills and attitudes for life-long learning.

4.Experiential learning

Recognizing the importance of cultural diversity and global awareness, we expose our students to a variety of authentic English language resources and experiences. Through cross-cultural exchanges such as Shanghai Study Tour and New Zealand Study Tour, we aim to broaden their perspectives, promote intercultural understanding, and encourage them to appreciate and respect different cultures.

5.Teachers’ Collaboration and Professionalism:

We believe in the power of collaboration and professional growth. Our teachers engage in continuous professional development supported by HKU, CUHK and funded by Quality Education Fund (QEF). We foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging teachers to engage in peer learning, share resources and expertise, and reflective practices to enhance their instructional skills.

6. Parent and Community Engagement:

We recognize the importance of strong partnerships with parents and the wider community. We actively engage parents through regular communication, workshops, book reading and involvement in their children's English language learning journey. We also collaborate with Canadian International School to enrich our students' learning experiences.